"Planning is bringing the future into present"

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Kredent Money is a complete learning app for goal-based financial planning and investment recommendation. We ensure to cater to all your financial needs, solve related queries and dispel doubts, most efficiently.

It does not matter who you are or what your income is; whether you fall in the high-income bracket or belong to the lower rung, we will help you to figure out the best financial planning solution according to your requirements. With our guidance and learning tools, it becomes easier for you to plan your investment in the right places and you can be free from all tensions, being completely sure that you are moving along the right trajectory.

At Kredent Money, we believe that every individual deserves the best financial planning so that they can lead a hassle-free life in the present and have enough reserves for the future. We understand the value of your money and give your needs priority. Kredent Money is one of the very few learning-oriented financial planning platforms in India and your welfare is our primary objective.

The rapidly changing market scenario and the dynamic financial sector make it imperative for everyone to have a personalized plan that makes the best use of one’s financial resources. To ensure to cater to all your financial needs and solve all related queries, we have acquired a robo advisory platform Findvise in 2019. We have a capable team of MBA, CA, financial professionals, and stock market experts to make it analytical for devising a suitable financial strategy based on your requirements.

Our aim is to make financial learning accessible to every household and we take pride in being the pioneers in the field since 2008. We aspire to reach out to every individual looking for a competent financial planning solution and our goal is to give you right guidance that will see you through at all times.

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Kredent Money is an app for financial planning and mutual fund distribution under the name of Kredent Money Managers Pvt. Ltd., registered with the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI), and the ARN no. 162770. Recommendations and suggestions provided to customers regarding mutual funds by Kredent Moeny is incidental and not its primary activity. Recommendations on products other than mutual funds are provided only on request. The Financial planning services on the Kredent Money platform is managed and monitored by a team of CFPs.

*Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully before investing.

*Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation.